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Wild Tribe

At Trevornick we simply love the freedom of getting back to nature, which is why we set up our Wild Tribe, an outdoor skills adventure club for kids.

Follow our Wild Ranger expert Penny and the Wild Tribe team down to the woodland and experience extraordinary adventures in the Great Outdoors.

Get in touch with your wild side as you learn all sorts of bush crafts, from building dens and bug hotels, to lighting fires and foraging for nature’s edible bounty. Whatever ingredients you find you won’t go hungry, as there’s always a supply of marshmallows ready to roast over the flames. Tapping into your spirit of adventure, our hands-on Wild Tribe sessions ensure kids of all ages will have fun learning practical skills in the natural environment. Identify bugs, butterflies and birds, and see how many species you can record in an hour, create wild art with the natural materials you gather, and complete challenges as you put your basic survival skills to the test.

Most of our Wild Tribe adventures take place in Trevornick’s woodland, but sometimes we break out to explore the wonders of coastline, hunting for critters in the rock-pools and looking out for marine life on seaside safaris. Wild Tribe is suitable for kids aged 5–12 years old. Parents are welcome to join in too and must accompany children under 8.


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